With These Tips You Can Ace At Parenting Your New Born Child

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Although it may look like it is slightly difficult to adjust to life and work around a new baby, with proper planning, a calm mind and patience you can get through anything. While it is advisable to attend to your child yourself, it may be a wise decision to consult experts and have someone around. Many hospitals these days provide lactation consultants or feeding experts to help you with nursing and how to properly feed the child.

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Here are few tips that may come useful in with newborn parenting:

  1. How to carry your newborn
  • Clean hands and atmosphere: The newborns do not have a strong immune system so they are at risk of infection and any disease much more than any adult being. So make sure the baby clothes are not washed with hard detergents, people handling the baby have clean hygiene and always sanitize themselves.
  • Support: The body of a newborn in some matters is very delicate , hence it is advisable to always support the neck and head of the baby when you are cradling the baby or carrying it or really any time of day when handling the baby.
  1. Bonding with the newborn
  • Skin to skin contact with newborns is quite important for their physical, emotional and sentimental growth. You can start by either cradling or making patterns while cradling or handling the baby.
  • It is important to note that for a new born it is quite crucial to feel the love to blossom more, keeping this in mind you can play with them, sing a lullaby while carrying the baby or simply be there for your newborn. Your physical presence cans also sooth the baby as babies recognize you by your scents.
  • Massages: Baby massages are also important, keeping this in mind there are many videos and articles on which massage would be good for your baby. But before proceeding with this, please consult your doctor and remember newborns have delicate bodies.

There are much more topics that we can cover from buying clothes for your newborn to myths around the clothes. We can also look into bathing procedures and much more. It is quite alright to feel anxious for a new parent. Though have faith and patience, a few weeks down the lane you will have your own routine and versions of doing everything. For any questions on handling the baby or anything related to the baby consult the doctor first before doing anything on your own. Parenting can be as easy as


Breaking Shackles of Ignorance: The Importance of Sex Education

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Many things in the world may be driven by ignorance, but no matter who’s riding a shotgun, the ride always ends badly. This applies to education as well. In fact, ignorance can be crippling and devastating for an individual, especially when it pertains to sex education. Therefore, here’s a small effort to help free education from the bonds of ignorance and shame and spread its wings.

Let’s get started!


Why sex education is essential?

Well, even the simplest response to this question involves a long list. And justifiably so; sex education is absolutely crucial for a variety of reasons.

To begin with, there is nothing more perilous than a state of uncertainty, particularly when it comes to something as fundamental as sex education. And what accounts for this phenomenon? Misleading information. Young minds are often misled into making poor decisions when accurate information is unavailable.

Whereas, young people who have access to accurate information and assistance in the area of sex education are more likely to create a safe space for themselves and make well-informed decisions when it comes to their sexuality.

Moreover, Sex education can provide young people with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STIs. It is an important part of helping young people to stay safe and healthy.


How to break the shackles?

You may already be aware that there is a great deal of false material floating around in the realm of sex education. And this is as hazardous as walking on shredded glass. In fact, sex education that is kept under wraps might cause young people to have negative feelings about their bodies and their sexuality. And it may cause them to engage in sexual behavior that is both unhealthy and perhaps harmful.

So what is the solution? Can we do something to secure a safe environment? Without a doubt, we can. In fact, enlisted below are some things you can do to assist your kid or adolescent escape the chains of ignorance when it comes to sex education:

  1. Communicate: Talk openly and honestly about sex with your child or teen. Give them accurate information about sexual anatomy, reproduction, contraception, STDs, etc.
  1. Encourage your child or teen to ask questions and seek out reliable sources of information on sexual health and safety.
  1. Help them develop healthy personal boundaries by teaching them about consent, respect, and communication in relationships.
  1. Encourage your child or teen to express their thoughts and feelings about sex without judgment or shame.
  1. Respect your child or teen’s privacy when it comes to their sexual thoughts, experiences, and choices.